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FAQ / 日本語版

1.How do I use your download items in the game?
Unzip the files you downloaded and put unzipped package files into My Documents/EA Games/The Sims2/Downloads folder.

2.May I upload your creations on other websites?
No, all files are personal use only.
But you can include my items in your Models or Lots. (Only for free site)

3.May I modify your creations?
Yes, also you can share edited files as long as free.

4.May I add your site to my link list?
Of course, please link to this URL : http://honeypetal.hanabie.com/
Please do not link to downloads.html page. The page is not homepage of this site.
If you need a button, please save this to your site.

Site name : MayPink , Admin : May

5.Do you take requests?
No, I don't take any requests. Sorry.

6.Where can I find hairs that you use in preview images?
Most of hairs are by PeggyZone, Rosesims, Raonjena, Newsea and Butterflysims. (including donation items)
Please check my links page.

7.I can't install your sims2pack file. Why this error occurs?
The sims2pack file made in the environment with EP might not work in different environment.
Please use Sims2Pack Clean Installer to install.

8.I can't use your Lovers Posebox well. How should I use it?
When using this posebox, you need to turn on the following two cheat,
"moveObjects on" and "boolProp snapObjectsToGrid false" .
Then put sim on SilentLucidity's Basic Basegame OMSP and adjust this OMSP to set sims.

9.I can't download your stuff. Where can I download them?
Please look the pages more carefully before asking, download links(or links to other download pages) are located the bottom of pages.
All of my stuff are free and open, I don't do "friends-only" or such things in this site.
If the download link is broken, please let me know what is it specifically.

If you have more question, feel free to contact me. (Please write in easy English)

※Please don't ask me "WCIF?" via e-mail! Please use some forum WCIF section to search custom contents.